HAUS FARGEN, a pioneer in the Pergola Awning and shade systems sector, follows and applies advanced technology. HAUS FARGEN , operating in a closed and open area of ​​1500 m², hasthe principle of providing quality and customer satisfaction-oriented service at home and abroad with its expert team. 
It has accomplished many successful projects with its professional management team, dynamic marketing unit, pre-sales and post-sales support team and expert technical team. With its high brand image, corporate identity, strong company profile, strategic marketing technique and advanced sales network, it has taken important steps in exports and has a growing market share day by day. Its success in exports contributes positively to the Turkish economy, especially to Istanbul. Part of our export network; Iraq, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Spain, Dubai is constantly expanding. 
HAUS FARGEN produces products in line with the needs and demands of its customers by blending its high-quality service approach with advanced technology. It produces shading, folding glass and awning systems especially for restaurants, cafes, workplaces and residences.

In addition, the products that it offers production, assembly and maintenance services; standard pergola, standard suspended pergola, radian (oval pergola), radian suspended pergola, radian cradle roof pergola , standard cradle roof pergola, bioclimatic pergola , rolling roof, bioclimatic pergola, automatic guillotine glass, manual guillotine glass, folding glass systems, fixed awning models and zip curtain.
It chooses the materials to be used in the manufacture of its products with great care, and most of its materials are made of high-quality German materials and the remaining part consists of high-quality domestic materials. HAUS FARGEN, which takes reliability as a principle, provides product and service guarantee services as well as high quality strategy at affordable prices.